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Asset Management comprises

Audits are essential to maintaining the integrity of aircraft assets. Audits are performed at the start and/or completion of a lease, before a sale or purchase and during the term of a lease as a spot check. We inspect the aircraft, it's records, it's maintenance programme and the skill and quality of the organization performing the maintenance. Corrective action is recommended as required. Audits before and after a lease pay particular attention to the maintenance programme of the lessee, as this can severely impact the ease and cost of placing the aircraft with another operator.

In addition to the auditing of aircraft, we provide a full technical management service for lessors which includes:
  • Reviewing regulatory directives
  • Reviewing manufacturers and services and other technical bulletins
  • Monitoring aircraft during heavy maintenance and providing reports on the quality of work performed.
  • Recommending actions to help preserve the value of the asset.
We assist in structuring leases that protect the lessor and strengthen residual values. Essential to this process are the specifications concerning maintenance standards, documentation/records and return conditions. We also arrange for acceptance of aircraft, for storage as necessary and coordinate preparation of the asset for re-delivery.

An unfortunate aspect of business is the occasional failure of an operator or the need to recover or repossess aircraft and other assets. Martin Headland and Associates Inc. have been successful in recovering aircraft from several difficult environments. We handle local legal, technical and regulatory issues, as well as recovering the aircraft to a secure location. We then provide a complete evaluation of the aircraft to assist in placing it with another operator.

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