Founded in 1987, Martin Headland and Associates Inc. provide independent professional advice to the aviation industry worldwide. Our skills and knowledge help our clients gain competitive advantage within the rapidly changing global marketplace. Whether they are looking to manage aircraft as assets, to operate those assets for profit or looking for aircraft to acquire; our expertise assists them to develop and execute programmes to successfully achieve those goals. With over a century of combined hands-on experience, Martin Headland and Associates offers airlines proven systems to help them meet the challenges of the world aviation industry. The company's foundation is built on the knowledge of our specialists and their ability to apply those skills to the benefit of clients.

Recent projects have include:
  • Technical support to a major maintenance facility on regulatory issues.
  • Market evaluation of a particular aircraft type for an international mining company
  • Licence and certification acquisition for several star-ups
  • Aircraft selection and acquisition for airlines in Asia and Africa
  • Route Analysis for an East African Airline
  • Selection of a new MIS for an International flag carrier
  • Repossession of a number of aircraft for leasing companies
  • Complete technical audit of a fleet of aircraft prior to acquisition.

Audits are essential to maintaining the integrity of aircraft assets. Audits are performed at the start and/or completion of a lease, before a sale or purchase and during the term of a lease as a spot check.

In addition to the auditing of aircraft, we provide a full technical management service for lessors which includes:

  • Reviewing regulatory directives
  • Reviewing manufacturers
        directives and service bulletins

    An unfortunate aspect of business is the occasional failure of an operator or the need to recover or repossess aircraft and other assets. Martin Headland and Associates Inc. have been successful in recovering aircraft from several difficult environments.
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