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Martin Headland and Associates offer a range of services to commercial operators. These services are provided by the company's own associates and through other consultants whose specialized expertise is used to enhance the services provided to our clients.

Consulting services are provided in many areas of airline operations and include:

Route analysis is considered to encompass two aspects. The first is the determination of the true operational cost where actual rather than system wide data is used. For example the impact of actual local fuel cost on the etc. Examples of this approach are, to consider local fuel costs and the effect that tankering of fuel might have to reduce costs. The second is the revenue side of the equation encompassing a traffic and yield analysis. In the case of the latter: these analyses are conducted by an associated company, Moncrieff Management . Moncrieff is one of the world's leading consulting companies specializing in traffic and route analysis for airlines, governments and international agencies. www.moncrieff.com.

Fleet planning plays a key role in the overall management of an airline. We work with our clients to support them with industry knowledge, technical advise to enable them to identify the best choice based on route analysis, current market conditions, in-house maintenance capability and overall life-cycle costs.

The old adage of being unable to see the wood because of the trees remains true even in today's high tech world. Gaining advantage from new technology and systems can easily be lost if a company's internal policy and procedures are not reviewed and changed so as obtain that advantage. It is normal for day to day activities to hamper efforts to conduct such a review. We provide an outside perspective that reviews procedures, identifies problems and inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. The fundamental philosophy is to question whether each step in the procedure is necessary in order to satisfy a regulatory requirement, reduce costs or increase revenue.

Martin Headland and Associates has assisted a number of new operators walk down the path of regulatory compliance in order to commence operations. We develop all required manuals as well as assist in providing the training required to obtain certification. We cover Flight Operations, Cabin Services and Maintenance.

Other areas covered include:
Business Plan Development - Strategic Planning - Regulatory Compliance through internal and external auditing.

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